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The Gods Must be Crazy – Ethical Dilemas

The Gods Must be Crazy – Ethical Dilemas

When the villagers were fighting over the Coke bottle, that scenario instantly reminding me of my 3 kids when they fight over 1 important object. Usually that object is a video game system, or the iPad. Car trips can be the worst, especially when only 1 device is charged, and the 3 of them have to share it. With the age differences (9,6,3) some children are more irrational than others, which usually escalates the problem. My Wife and I often view these devices as evil, and would gladly walk to the edge of the Earth to throw them away.

At the end of the movie I thought it was interesting when Mr. Steyn was trying to give a reward to Xi (The Bushman). Xi didn’t know what to do with the money, but Steyn knew that giving a reward was the ethical thing to do. It was somewhat of a dilema for both of them since neither of them were familiar with each others cultures.

Another culture clash in the movie came when Xi was hungry from his walk, and was going to eat one of the goats that belonged to somebody. Xi obviously didn’t know that goats could belong to somebody. He was so nieve that he was obilivous to the fact that he was making the people angry. The guard ending up shooting him in the leg for it. Xi only had good intentions, and was shot for it.

I was a little disturbed when the people came into the political office and started shooting. That was a werid part of the movie. I’m not even sure why that scene was there. It’s almost like there was two different movies. One was the teacher going to the tribe or city, and the other was the military aspect of it. Maybe there was even three separate parts, if you include the Bushman Coke bottle. Now that I’m typing this out, it makes sense that there was three different stories.

It’s interesting how the three stories converge at the end. Almost like a Seinfield episode. When you think about ethical and moral issues that came up in the end of the movie, I think of when the Bushman came down disguised as a prisioner, and put the guards to sleep. It goes to show how one’s morals can change over time. Before the Xi’s journey, I’m not sure if he would sneak up to a mob of people and put some of them to sleep. I think that he realized that there are evil people in the world. Xi certainly discovered that after the stabbing at the goat farm.

From what I’ve learned about morals, it really depends on what you’ve been taught during your childhood. Morals come from your values, and values are taught by the people you grow up with. Throughout this movie, and every movie in existence, there are many moral and ethical issues that come up.

There was a small ethical dilema for Mr. Steyn when Kate was stuck in the tree with only her underwear on. He tried to be polite and not look at her, but she also needed his help. Akward situation for Mr. Steyn and Kate.